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    The Missouri Mavericks have re-signed defenseman Dave Pszenyczny and left wing Evan Vossen to standard player contracts, in addition to signing rookie forward Ben Power. Read More

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Q and A with Carlyle Lewis

We caught up with Carlyle Lewis recently and asked him about the summer, last season and the upcoming season.lewis-featuredplayer

Missouri Mavericks: How is the off-season going? Where are you living right now? Have you travelled anywhere?
Carlyle Lewis: Summer is going well, working on the golf game down in Columbus,Georgia when it's not too hot to play! I haven't traveled a whole lot because we do it all season long, but did go to San Juan Puerto Rico for my honeymoon, and there might be a Vegas trip coming up before the summer is out.

MM: You’re a married man now, how was the wedding and how is married life?
CL: Yeah we got married few weeks back, everything went well! All our family and friends came in, it was a great time and my wife was happy so that means I'm happy, haha.

MM: We have six players signed so far for next season (including yourself). Have you played with or against either of the new guys (Filion and Wakita)? Do you like the direction Coach Hillman is heading with his signings?
CL: I think I may have played a few games against Oliver in junior, and I think he is going to be a great addition to our team, I've never crossed paths with Wakita but he looks like a big strong defence man which will help us out over the course of our long season. I think that's what Scott is looking for - some big able bodies and I'm all for that, having a bigger team will be a plus this year

MM: Give us your top three moments of the Mavs inaugural season.
CL: Home opener for sure, first game in a new building after our rough start. Making the play-offs the 2nd half of the season was alot of fun and our record showed that. And guess I got to put in the knock out in there, aswell as scoring the team's first goal up in Rapid.

MM: How does Missouri compare to the other locations you have played?
CL: It's been unreal and only going to get better, it blows the other places out of the water!

MM: What’s your current nickname from the boys in the locker room?
CL: Lewy

MM: Who had the best nickname last season?
CL: Jeff Christian with senior stu

MM: Have you started training for next season yet? What do you concentrate on when you train in the off-season?
CL: I take a little time off, but I'm a gym rat, I enjoy it and I will hopefully start some boxing soon too.

MM: What is one thing in your game that you would like to improve on for the upcoming season?
CL: I guess a few more goals would be nice!

MM: Did you watch the Stanley Cup? Who were you cheering for?
CL: Yeah didn't have a favorite but if Philly won it would have been a great story.

Stay tuned this summer as the Mavericks catch up with more players.

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